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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Your decision to marry is a spiritual covenant that is rooted in a commitment to one another. A wedding is a joyous event, and we are honored that you’ve chosen us to share the occasion!

If you would like to be married at Masjid Al Haq or would like to request the Imam to officiate your wedding ceremony contact Imam Mufti Riyaz Muhammad  at 219-888-0157

Banquet Hall Rental

  1. Al Haq banquet hall is available for rental for functions of religious nature and can only be rented by completing the hall rental application form one week in advance.

  2. Please note that this is a Masjid when it is adhan time everyone is requested to proceed to the Masjid for prayers.

  3. Consumption of food or drink inside the prayer hall is strictly prohibited. The Masjid is used strictly for praying and for conducting approved religious activities.

  4. Any practice conflicting with the spirit and teachings of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is prohibited without exception. Playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, is not acceptable and such activities may lead to immediate expulsion from the premises.

  5. The Al Haq Masjid banquet hall will not be available for future rental to any individual or group who violates these rules and regulations. 

  6. No sub-leasing of the hall is allowed. Adequate adult supervision is required for all youth and teen activities.

  7. The rental application should include full rental amount and the required deposit. Otherwise the reservation is not guaranteed.

  8. The security deposit may be forfeited in part or in full for the following rental agreement violations: 

    1.    If the party stays beyond the ending time stated on the facility permit application,

    2.    If there is any structural damage to the facility and/or equipment, and

    3.    If the premises are left untidy/dirty and food and trash are not removed from the premises.

  9.  Al Haq Masjid will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items/articles. The Masjid is also not responsible for any personal or property damage occurring to the party involved while attending a function on the premises.

  10. If Masjid furniture (tables, chairs etc.) is used, it should be properly returned and stacked at the original position. The furniture and equipment should not be dragged along the floors in order to prevent any floor damage. 

  11. If you need to cancel your reservation, please notify the center in advance. Emergency situations, which will result in any cancellation, will be considered on a per case basis.

  12. The person responsible for renting the hall i.e., the person filling out the reservation form must maintain and ensure an orderly activity during the time that the facilities are being used. This responsibility includes the usage for the interior rooms, the community center grounds and the parking lot. 

  13. The use of the kitchen is included in the hall rental but can only be used to warm food (no cooking allowed).  Food, drinks and other leftovers must be removed from the kitchen/hall at the end of the event.

  14. Please make sure that you make your own arrangement for loading/unloading of food/drink and other items and hall set up. Al Haq Masjid personnel will not be available for such work.

  15. Please note that rental will be for 2 separate banquet halls one for male and one for female no integration allowed.

For more information please call Muhammad Aamir Qureshi at 219-308-1981



Funeral Services

At this difficult time of life Al Haq Mosque offers all the needed assistance to begin the final journey to Allah (S.W.T.)


Please contact Mufti Riyaz Muhammad 


Al Haq Masjid is a not for profit religious organization with the mission of serving the northwest Indiana communities.  Our goal is to fulfill the spiritual, educational, and social needs of the entire Muslim community in the area.