And Those who strive in our way, we will surely guide them towards our paths and indeed Allah is with the people of excellence. "Surah Al -'Ankabut ayah 69"


Please support your masjid generously 

We are calling upon 100 individuals to commit at least $50 to  $100 per month to maintain Masjid  monthly expenses .Please email at info.alhaque@gmail.com  to join the group.

Upcoming Projects:

1. To reinstall the Roofing of the Entire Masjid n upcoming Summer 2021. The existing roof is 40 years old and already had minor leaks.  Will you be among the fortunate individuals who will earn the reward of maintaining Allah's house and get the shade of Allah's mercy in hereafter.

Estimated cost : $30,000.

2. Imam's house:  Needs complete renovation of the entire house attached to the masjid so imam can live and lead all daily 5 prayers. current condition is not liveable. 

Estimated cost : $100,000.

3. Free Washing body Station for deceased: will  be for the entire NWI muslim community .

Basket ball Gymnasium for kids. 

Estimated cost :$100,000

Please Donate
السلام عليكم
  • Friday Prayers will start at 1:15 pm Iqama at 1:45pm
  • You must bring your prayer Rug
  • You must maintains 6 ft distance inside the masjid . There will be designated spot for prayers to maintain the social distance.
  • Please try to make wudu at home
  • Please signup for free Iftar Dinner on Weekends Saturday 4/17, 4/24, 5/1 and 5/8. click the link to preregister at 
  • Thank you for your cooperation. JazakAllah 

Ramadan Information

  • Fasting will commence according to moonsighting. 

  • Moonsighting will occur on Monday April 12 night

  • It is requested that there be no eating and/or drinking in the carpeted areas of the masjid to maintain the dignity of the prayer area. 

  • Please keep the house of Allah clean by picking up after yourselves during iftar and taraweeh.

  • Khatam-ul-Quran will be on 29th Ramadan.

  • Fitra this year will be $10.

  • Eid-ul-Fitr will also be held according to moonsighting.

  • Eid-ul-Fitr prayer timings will be 9:30 AM. Takbeerat will start at 9:15 AM


Al Haq Masjid is a not for profit religious organization with the mission of serving the northwest Indiana communities.  Our goal is to fulfill the spiritual, educational, and social needs of the entire Muslim community in the area.